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November 7, 2011

Kazzim Thinks He is the ‘Hottest in the Hood’

I understand the likes of Rishi Rich and Bikram Singh releasing video teasers, but artists who have no traction or name in the industry…what do you hope to accomplish?

Meet Kazzim…new guy…no sense of his music…no idea what the video is about…sorry, I don’t care.



Holiday Shopping With Culture Shock

Holiday season always seems to be around the corner and while many of us plan exotic getaways, the boys from Culture Shock plan a ‘Holiday’ sale. The new music video takes us to a boutique where our singers are sale...
by ZaynahR

bloodline tu ni aaya

Bloodline Drop ‘Tu Ni Aaya’ Single

“Tu Ni Aaya” is U.K. production group Bloodline’s next single complete with a music video. This song is featured on Bloodline’s debut album Evolution. “Tu Ni Aaya” has been sung by Chamak Cha...
by ZaynahR

karle voting hard kaur

Hard Kaur Encourages India in ‘Karle Voting’

Hard Kaur is a rapper by nature. It is in her musical nature to big an issue and shed some light of it – Hip Hip 101. She is doing just this with her latest release “Karle Voting.” Just as the song title sugge...
by ZaynahR


789 crew fly away

Video: 789 Crew Will ‘Fly Away’

789 Crew is back with a video for their new single “Fly Away” and the video is beautifully edited. These East London brother, Yun and Myze, made their debut back in 2008 with “Don’t Be Shy” featuring S...
by ZaynahR


Menis Returns with ‘Tere Pyar Mein’ Featuring Parichay

Menis is a U.K. rapper who has been silent for quite some time! Well he is back with “Tere Pyar Mein” and collaborating with Toronto based Desi act Parichay. The emotional song is complimented by a well-shot and sim...
by ZaynahR

Sullee J Pic

Sullee J Mocks Love with ‘Teri Meri’

“Pakistani American, Sullee J, known for his creativity, positive vibes and spreading a heart felt message always in his music, is back with a new single featuring a sample of the legend Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. This song is...
by ZaynahR


somee ranjha

Somee Chohan – Ranjha

Somee Chohan – Ranjha Music – Bilal Saeed Director & Editor – Kalechi Noel ‘KAL’ You can hear the influence of Bilal Saeed in Somee’s vocal production. If the formula works, why change i...
by ZaynahR



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